Taco Ephiphanies

I had an epiphany today while waiting for my vegetarian taco. No, it wasn’t that I was eating a vegetarian taco, it was that I had lived in Wellington long enough to recognize the constancies of the city—the sort of “in-jokes” that you can only get after living in a place long enough.

I had this epiphany while watching a sinewy black cat stroll across the wooden benches along the Wellington Harbor waterfront today, looking for cuddles and left over tuna. It wasn’t his first time. He’s an old pro with a soft touch. He doesn’t so much wait politely for a handout as he demands one by perching himself half on your thigh and half on the bench. He’s quite a picky little thing. I have learned that while he will eat my chickpea salad, he draws the line and carrots and cabbage.

The cat is not the only Wellington fixture. There’s also the busker in the train station who actually plays pretty well and is always ready to sell you one of his homemade CDs.

Or Blanket Man, a homeless man so famous that when he returned to Wellington after an unfortunate absence, his arrival made the paper.

But I suppose the real epiphany is that with every sighting of the things that make Wellington feel familiar, Wellington begins to feel a bit more like home.


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